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As a customer you need a reliable and sound supplier, delivering day-in day-out constant quality products .As a supplier we can help you solve problems, bring new ideas and develop new products that let you the time and the possibility to find new markets. Ovelacq offers you:
  • both dyed yarns or commission dyeings
  • a complete range : all different yarns on package and all existing dyeingprocedures are available.The most demanded are: polyester, acrylic, viscose, cotton, wool dyeings.Different tubesizes cylindrical 6” and 10", can be used. On request, material can be rewinded on dyebobbins. Dyebobbins are always metered, which limits shearing waste to a strict minimum
  • an in-house laboratoryfacility with a very quick service for submits,trials and labsamples
  • a highly qualified technical and R & D department which supports and develops these new qualities for and together with you.
  • short and reliable delivery-times, due to the production processes are robust and reliable by plc-controlled machinery and highly trained people.
  • organizes the transport that the products are delivered in time.
  • products manufactured according to the latest environmental compliances of the European Community and Belgian law regualtions.

Ovelacq Bedrijf

Ovelacq is there to simplify your life and so that you can focus on your corebusiness.
We do it for you, quick, fast and right first time.
“Ovelacq realizes more deeper and beautiful colors”
“Ovelacq proves over and over again more color-accuracy”
“Ovelacq is a reliable supplier with experience” Marks & Spencer
“Ovelacq is a reliable partner, also in the productdevelopment area “-Automotive supplier.